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Unboxing Think Coconut’s Influencer Strategy

At the heart of Think Coconut lies an Aussie-born skincare and baby range, blending the goodness of Coconut MCT and Australian Native Botanical extracts with sustainable practices and an eco-friendly ethos.

Right from the start, we knew we wanted to connect with the audience in a meaningful way. Through market research, we identified a target demographic known for their desire for sustainable products, strong brand loyalty and preference for word-of-mouth recommendations. We also knew this target demographic were extremely active in their online communities. As a result, these online communities became the cornerstone of our strategy.

We focused our attention on micro-influencers who consistently produced high-quality content. After initial contact, we sent them personalised ‘influencer-boxes’ and granted them creative freedom over the content and reviews they produced.

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When it came to crafting our influencer boxes, we didn’t just think outside of the box; we thought about what went inside too

We wanted the unboxing experience to be as memorable, and shareable, as the products themselves. Custom inserts and thank you notes, thoughtfully designed, added an extra layer personalisation to each package, leaving a lasting impression on the recipient, and their followers.

This strategic approach not only elevated Think Coconut’s brand but also cultivated a community of like-minded advocates, generating genuine excitement and professional-grade content along the way.

Kind Words

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