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From Coconuts to a Republic.


Brand Refresh


Brand Identity, Merchandising, Packaging Design

Developing a skincare range from scratch.

We believe creating a skincare product is an art that goes beyond just a name and pretty packaging – it’s about delving into the essence of what your skin truly craves. Our journey began by working with the manufacturer to ensure every element was meticulously crafted.
Through extensive research, we uncovered not just what people want, but what truly works. This led us to curate a comprehensive skincare routine designed to pamper your skin from dawn to dusk. From formulating the perfect blend of ingredients to crafting luxurious textures and irresistible scents, every detail is a result of our passion for perfecting the art of skincare.
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The beauty of nature, luxuriously packaged.

Tasked with crafting Coconut Republic’s identity, our creative agency team was inspired by the luxurious feel and visual appeal of each formulation. We also wanted to capture its dedication to sustainability, quality, and the beauty of its natural Australian ingredients and native extracts. The challenge was to create a brand presence that would stand out in the crowded beauty market. Our design solution was bold and distinct—dark backgrounds with foiled lettering, signifying the premium and empowering nature of Coconut Republic’s products.
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