Here’s the trick to keeping your brochure out of your prospect’s rubbish bin.

Even if you’ve got a large online presence, your brochure design is still a vital piece of your corporate communication toolkit. That’s because marketing isn’t about just using one tool in your arsenal – first and foremost, it’s about attracting and retaining customers using all the media you have at hand to persuade. However, too often we see brochure designs that are lacklustre or include way too much information – both of which might mean all your hard-earned investment lies languishing forlorn and unread in your prospect’s bin. So how do you ensure this doesn’t happen? Easy. Intrigue your prospect with great design values, combined with just the right amount of info and clear branding.

Get it right from the get go.

An attractively designed brochure can make or break a sale. It helps potential customers see in an instant how professional your business is and whether your offering meshes with their needs. Or not. You want your prospect’s interest to be piqued from the cover page so they’re motivated read on. Once you’ve got their attention, you’ll want to ensure you keep it with useful information they can refer back to later or – better still – pass on to other potential customers.

We can help.

Our designers have decades of experience creating remarkable brochure designs, flyer designs and pamphlet designs that get your prospects thinking more about your business. We know just what to do to grab their attention and keep it firmly on your business. We can even tailor brochure templates for you so that your own team can add details quickly when you roll out a new product or service.